Questions regarding All Music Styles:

1) How to access and change carousel?

Store Featured Items, 4th one down on admin


2) Email newsletter:

  1. a) Is there any additional cost, sending email limits, scheduling ability, and creating multiple email lists. What is bounce score on user’s page.
  2. a) no cost/unlimited but above 15k we start to bog down. No scheduling feature
  3. b) bounces create a score and we stop sending after a score of 2

3) What are Users for? All sign up are ending up here?

User and Customer accounts are the same. We default folks to signup for the email newsletter, but we do allow anonymous checkouts. Only users with admin checked may access the admin

4) Where are customer accounts?

See above

5) Ads: where do the feed from and how we ad to them.

We supply and create them with labels. They are all optional to you and may be managed under Ad Campaigns (you may unfeatured)

You may run unlimited ads of your own and the specs on ad sizes are in the Manual

6) Offer specials/discounts (code or automatic)

Only Free Shipping over $ value, it’s on are to do list for early in the new year.

7) Storage for video/photos: cost involved or limit on space?

Unlimited Photos using Photosets Feature.

Videos should be linked/embedded

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